Power Yoga

Power yoga is a form of Vinyasa yoga. It's fast-paced and focuses on building strength and endurance

Great for all Skill Levels

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What are the Benefits of Power Yoga?

  • strengthening your heart and lungs
  • helping control high blood pressure 
  • improving cholesterol levels
  • controlling blood sugar levels
  • building stronger bones and muscles
  • helping with weight loss
  • improving sleep
  • boosting energy levels
  • improving brain function
  • lowering your risk for chronic conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes 

What is the flow of a Power Yoga class?

Centering : 5 mins

Pranayama : 5 mins

Stretching : 5 mins

Warm-up : 10 mins

Main Class : 25 mins

Cool Down : 5 mins

Savasana : 5 m

How often should I take a Power Yoga class?

For maximum benefit we recommend minumum 2 - 3 classes per week