Vinyasa is an approach to yoga in which you move from one pose directly into the next as you Inhale and Exhale. Vinyasa may feel more intense than other styles of yoga

Great for Intermediate - Advance skill level

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What are the Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga?

  • Endurance and strength training. Because the challenging poses are done in quick succession, Vinyasa yoga helps build muscle strength while improving your fitness.
  • Stability and balance. While improved balance is a benefit of yoga in general, a course of Ashtanga-based yoga significantly improved their sense of balance and reduced their fall risk.
  • Cardio workout. Yoga & Physical Therapy, the fast-paced movements and physical challenge of Vinyasa yoga make it an ideal light-intensity cardiovascular workout.
  • Lower stress, less anxiety. Vinyasa yoga training helped lower stress and anxiety levels. It also helped the participants quit smoking.

What is the flow of a Vinyasa Yoga class?

Centering : 5 mins

Pranayama : 5 mins

Stretching : 5 mins

Warm-up : 10 mins

Main Class : 25 mins

Cool Down : 5 mins

Savasana : 5 mins

How often should I take a Vinyasa Yoga class?

For maximum benefit we recommend minumum 2 - 3 classes per week